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How Did I Get Here

As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed connecting with different people from all walks of life. My struggles growing up, which ranged from stuttering challenges  to learning disabilities, created my drive for succeed. Those challenges created  a passion to learn, question my doubts and and take control of my thoughts. I began to realize a common thread amongst all forms of struggle.  I started to learn and  share, effective techniques that help people examine  and conquer struggles in life.  My life's journey, gave me opportunities  to have significant interactions with people  from all around the world.    

I realized that regardless of where you are from, we all share similar struggles. And a big catalyst for this struggle was the loss of connections. Lost connection with regards to the way you think about yourself and your circumstances. For more than 3 decades, I have dedicated my life to helping others reconnect with their sources of happiness and fulfilment.

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Where Am I Going

My life's journey is about continuing to learn and grow within myself.  From my self development and growth, I will continue to help people push through their challenges and stay connected to self.  and share while sharing these lessons to help people  As new challenges arise, I remain dedicated to creating new techniques  to help people stay connected and grounded to Self.  

By constantly defining Self, re-constructing Self, and recreating Self all challenges can be conquered.  


Struggle E. Stylez


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